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With the collaboration of KYI, art khatola project was done successfully in eight selected schools (Private & Govt Schools) from slums areas of Karachi. Under this project 1050 children (including out of school) got benefit.

Seneca stated that world peace will be secured on a permanent basis when we start teaching our children to view the whole world as one.

Therefore the aim of Art-khatola is to promote

  • The culture of peace and non- violence.
  • Nurturing creativity.
  • Instill empathy.
  • Develop an understanding and to get all the children (students and out of school children) inspired with the world of arts and cultures.

The arts and creative opportunities provided by the ARMEN under Art Khatola will help transform the way children learn and explore the world around them.

Art- Khatola is a colourful decorated vehicle (Mobile Art Studio) completed with supplies and art instructors with activitiesto foster a love and appreciation of the arts, all children would experience the benefits of high quality art education.


  • To bring arts education to the children in private/ government Schools, small and rural communities of Karachi that have limited or non-existent arts programs.
  • To strengthen partnerships within the regional community for the purpose of building access to the arts and supporting under-served and out of school children


Total length of the project will be five months, Starting from August 2016 to December


  • Artist – Athlete
  • Print Making
  • Story behind the titles
  • Print making
  • Ceramics
  • Craft Work

Art Supplies

All art materials would be provided by ARMEN.


Each major group of the students would be comprises of 50 Students and 75 out of school children. They will work together in the small groups.

Art Khatola will visit schools in following areas :

  • Manghopir
  • Bilal Colony
  • Awami Colony
  • Chakra Goth
  • Hundred Quarters
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Model Colony

Much research proves that children receiving sustained arts education develop crucial thinking skills for achieving at higher levels. Learning art engages and strengthens fundamental cognitive skills such as spatial reasoning, problem-solving and creative thinking.